Joy Rose, Rob Thomas, Hal Weinstein, Mick Guzauski and others at Bi Coastal Music

Joy Rose, Rob Thomas, Hal Winer, Mick Guzauski and others at Bi Coastal Music

CNN, MTV, CBS, ABC, FOX, Local New 9, The Evening News, The Sunday Morning Show, Local Cable, Good Morning America, and more. These were all amazing opportunities. Grateful, grateful!


Hi, I’m Joy Rose. I’ve been at this Mamapalooza-thing since 2002 and before that, with my band, Housewives On Prozac, spreading the good word that Moms Rock. Sometimes it’s exciting work, sometimes it’s enlightening, and once in awhile I get elevated. The best part about the work I do, has to do with the relationships, of course, but more than that even, I realize I love to live imagining life as it should be. “Should”, as in “Better” ways of doing things. Now we can always go back to debating what constitutes “better”, but I can tell you it almost always includes, music, art, personal expression, story telling, sharing, community, living large and living proud. We are blessed if we can live free with all the rights and privileges freedom brings.

I tilt slightly off-mainstream. Sometimes more or less finding my away along the less traveled path. Usually finding my way through the uncommon, or the unusual. Hey, it’s the unique, not the status quo that interests me.

What’s that we tell our kids every day when they go off to school – “Be Yourself”. We urge them to take confidence in the individual gifts, even when they’re not that gifted. But, that’s the point. Life is not a competition, is it? I’m not sure? Maybe it is. It seems like we vote on everything, tweet everything, Facebook everything and the one with the ‘most’ friends, money, votes or links wins.

Joy Rose on CNN

Joy Rose on CNN

The slightly off tune sentiments of some of the Moms Of Rock don’t bother me in the least. They’re pouring their hearts out and staying strong. I love each of them, even if they don’t win many competitions. When I was lucky enough to hit the media lottery I did my best to share it. My friends “win” in the courage department, and definitely in the “love” department. So I keep sayin’ — keep rockin’. Keep going. Never give up. NEVER GIVE UP! Love life.


Housewives On Prozac made numerous television appearances in the name of Mom Rock. Many of these were in the early days of internet sharing and definitely pre-Facebook and social media.  A second appearance in 2008 featured Mamapalooza bands. Here are are a few outtakes.


Housewives On Prozac on CNN

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