Stand Up For Someone

Stand Up For Someone

Stand Up For Someone


Why Stand Up for Others?

When you stand up for people, you show that you care about them. Sometimes its harder to stand up for ourselves than it is to stand up for someone else. Who isn’t good at giving advice, and pep talking their friends into better behavior?

Mostly I think its important to “Speak Your Truth”. When you do this there is a profound sense of empowerment and peace.

This project is my latest art-based, service-activism, power-to-the-people, radical-box-act. I will be standing on my cube throughout the East Coast during the 2014-2015 season.

I invite cubists everywhere to find your own cause, or person. I invite you to stand up for someone, or something. It would be lovely to see street corners everywhere creating peace, art, and activism.

If you have something important, passionate, prayerful, or righteous that you need me to stand up for, forward your requests to:

Today, July 1st, 2014 I am standing up for Women in America who got shafted by a political system that does not support their reproductive rights. I am ashamed. On 84th and Broadway in Manhattan, I am taking a stand.

(I am also sending an Intercontinental SHOUT OUT to Vee Malnar aka Ana Key for creating MaMaPaLooZa Art & Activism in Australia). #StandUpForSomeone #TheSummerOfLoveTour #JoinMama

Joy Rose - Stand Up For Someone, or Something!

Joy Rose – Stand Up For Someone, or Something!

The rest is HERstory. (Picture below is Charlotte G. standing up for Mother Earth and the future generation at MaMaPaLooZa, May 2014)

Charlotte Ghiorse taking a stand for "American Garbage" at MaMaPaLooZa 2014

Charlotte Ghiorse taking a stand for “American Garbage” at MaMaPaLooZa 2014