Museum Of Motherhood


Informing and Inspiring Lives

Over the last decade, the topic of motherhood has emerged as a vibrant social, political and cultural field of study. This is an exciting time for women, men, and caregivers.

The Museum Of Motherhood (M.O.M.) has popped up in several locations since 2003. Most recently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (2011-2014), the MOM Art Annex moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2017. You can visit the Museum of Motherhood online, or in St. Pete. [LINK]

Mother Studies classes now available online.

Re-Thinking Motherhood: With Joy Rose at the Museum of Motherhood and Robin Grille from Kindred Magazine on Vimeo.


The Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) is an exhibition and education center dedicated to the exploration of family – past, present, and future with a focus on mothers, fathers, and families.  We highlight the many roles of women throughout history and in contemporary culture. We encourage social change, promote education, start conversations, and feature thought-provoking exhibits through our certified non-profit 501c3 Motherhood Foundation, Inc.

M.O.M.’s mission is to start great conversations, feature thought-provoking exhibits, and share information and education. Our aim is to collect, preserve, and disseminate articles, books, artifacts, images, and research on the science, art, and history of all aspects of procreation, birth, and caregiving. We care about those engaged in these activities, and actively promote members of the community interested in the emerging areas of Mother and Father Studies.

We provide mothers, fathers, youth, caregivers, and mothers-to-be insights into what they will experience as parents and how to handle it. We educate them about the emotional and physical aspects of child rearing, exposing them to different global traditions, and giving them insights into the context of mothering in the social sphere in which mothering is done. We encourage people to become more informed and expand beyond limiting images and ideologies. We firmly believe that healthy women (and men) produce healthier families, which in turn produce healthier communities, which lead to a healthier world.

Working with students and universities, we host internships for up to 60 youth each year and academic conferences that reach hundreds. On-going exhibits have impacted residents, neighboring boroughs, and attracted tourists from the United States, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Russia. International initiatives have reached as far as Guatemala and Liberia, affecting the global landscape as it pertains to women’s health, wellness, and social standing.

Partnerships with The High School of Art and Design, Minnesota State University, Columbia School Of Social Work, Teachers College at Columbia University, and Marymount Manhattan College have resulted in ongoing course studies in the field of Mother Studies and our annual events reach thousands of students and lay people annually.

Andrea O'Reilly Reading Room at the Museum of Motherhood, NYC

Andrea O’Reilly Reading Room at the Museum of Motherhood, NYC

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