Martha Joy Rose is an award-winning artist and activist. Her pursuits have included academia, large-scale community gatherings, music, media, and Mother Studies. As the founder of the Museum of Motherhood in New York City, she has organized International conferences, hosted students as well as interns from a wide selection of universities, and overseen the evolution of a modern women’s movement. Current pursuits include scholarship, art-making, and publishing her writing.

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  1. Ms. Rose, a late bloom fell softly and pictures of knowing and remembering paid a diaphanous visit to my linguistic chambers. How nice to hear from you and see your face. Rocker, a movement that rides the imagination like an orphan rides light. How are you? Has time been kind? It(time) infiltrates my sleep
    and weeps with me. I will keep you posted. My neon clock’s numbers hold like roses as we dance on the same digital page.


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  2. You R one & ONLY ❤amazing U


  3. It has been really one of the top blogs i have read. It was actually really informative.Looking ahead for more blogs of this in near future


  4. A Tumblr is had by me platform that I’m using for blogging.
    Let me know if you’d be interested to create an article
    for me personally? I could possibly pay you. I want to know?.

    PS. Awesome blog



    I am amazed to read all about you. You are an icon to follow.
    Your life is a motivation to all of us specially young moms like me . I am a visual artist , just completed my MFA and looking for good residency. I have applied to many including M.O.M .
    I want to know from where should i apply for grants as i will be coming from Pakistan and a mother of 2.5 year old kid. Its difficult for me to manage finances . Please let me know how can you help me

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