The Earth Is the Mother of Us All!

The title for this blog is 63.
That’s how old I am, although my body feels like I’m 1,000. Farming is a lot of work. We are busy plowing, planting, and getting the gardens ready for the growing season here in the Midwest.
The photo on the lower left (pictured above) is a “berm”… that’s a way of planting used in permaculture which is a no-dig method. Just spread cardboard (or used paper: even old books will do), then pile up straw, dig down, poke a hole in the cardboard and stick your plants in. We’re going to put potatoes, camomile, corn, and garlic here. While walking the property, I discovered what I think is a Blackhaw tree. It produces edible berries in the late summer. Also found a bird’s nest accidentally- hope mommy comes back!
On Saturday, I gathered lavender flowers and made simple syrup. The link to the recipe I used is here. *I used the pour method and added varying amounts of lemon juice for a variety of colors, delivering some to my neighbors while practicing social-distancing and enjoying some myself in both Bajan bakes (Cheryl’s recipe) and a homemade soft drink.
What is not pictured here is Carl and me lying on the couch at 3 PM because we couldn’t move anymore. He went back out to work for a few more hours. I took an Epsom salt bath. Then dinner. We’ve been crawling into bed at 8PM every night.
All in all, given the difficulties of COVID life in America today, we feel very blessed to partake in the bounty of nature. Most important lesson – The Earth is the Mother of Us All!
Having the glorious opportunity to cultivate the land that my parents left behind, in the place I least expected to spend summers – The foothills of Appalachia, in Ohio – has brought simple and unexpected sweetness this spring.
Hope you all had an awesome Mothers’ Day. In my opinion, every day is mothers’ day!

COVID Diary 2020, Sunday May 3

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Been in COVID-19 social-distancing in St. Petersburg, Florida since March 6th. It will be even easier to do this on ninety acres in the middle of nowhere in Ohio, but I’ve got New York on my mind. Carl wants to batter-fry dandelion tops for dinner. Time to go picking! Continue reading


Wait – where has the time gone? Its been 100 years since women got the vote!

Sorry to have dropped the thread on our correspondence these last couple of months. I truly have missed you!

Just after the New Year, I was grateful to have attended Donna Kaz’s Southampton Creative Nonfiction Writers Conference with some other amazing writers in New York and worked on the now epic four-years-and-still-going memoir – gosh I need to get this done.

Then February brought preparations for the WGS Exhibit in collaboration with the Museum of Motherhood.

Now diving into March, this seems to be the busiest month of all.

  • The opening for the WGS Exhibit titled The Founding Mothers: Women in Herstory is on Wednesday, March 11 on the USF campus in Tampa from 5:30-7:30PM. Directions can be confusing, but I have spelled them out here online.
  • March 21 & 22 is the Artist Studio Tour in AEHK in St. Petersburg, Fl. The MOM Art Annex is on the tour and I will be welcoming guests all weekend as part of this free event.
  • Finally, March 27th is the SEWSA Conference. I’ll have Museum of Motherhood items for display in the exhibit hall on the campus of USF, St. Pete. If you want to know more about this event, then write to me at

The Museum of Motherhood Newsletter is posted here if you want to know even more details about getting involved in MaMaPaLooZa in May. Exhibitors and artists should contact New York Parks Dept. Also, looking forward to teaching Sociology of Family again this summer at Manhattan College 🙂

Stay safe everyone. Its Women’s History Month. We got the vote 100 years ago this year! Celebrate every day and please stay healthy while you love your peeps. Joy xo

Martha Joy Rose in the Studio.