Art & Activism



” …. the rules of motherhood are being radically rewritten–with a snarl, cymbal crash and power E-chord that would make the lads in AC/DC stand up and salute.”
USA Today

“Think Rocky Horror meets Carol Brady and you’ll get the charm of Housewives On Prozac”
CHILD Magazine

“Housewives On Prozac aren’t just a band, they’re a way of life”
Next Guide, Heritage of Pride Rally, NYC

There is nothing tame about Joy Rose or her music
The Journal News

“Their show, a blend of monologue and songs, explores a trajectory of emotion, the elation and exhaustion of parenthood and the triumphs and disappointments of professional achievement. “I wipe my baby’s chin with my college diploma and wonder, ‘Did I walk all this way in my fuzzy slippers?’ ”
Spotlight Magazine

“Ms. Rose’s story is as theatrically compelling, as for example, Hedwig’s in the off-off Broadway rock hit, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” . . . The songs work better.”
Back Stage

“HOP is an over the top rock band that performs songs about the drudgery of cleaning while accessorizing with plastic dolls and cereal boxes. Rose moans, grunts and shows off her vibrato on songs like “Slow Motion Emotion” and “Heart Wants” with a soulful, theatrical sound — A cross between Heart and The B-52’s, but visually very Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.”
The News-Times Weekend

“It isn’t May without Mamapalooza.”
Westchester Family Magazine

“This is great. What a fantastic things for Moms and families everywhere.”
Performers, Antigone Rising

“This is my 3rd year coming. Thank you for all you do Mamapalooza.”
Collingswood, NJ


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