I value feedback from workshop participants. I also work as a festival producer, media coordinator, and museum executive, so each of these experiences offer valuable insight into the importance of sharing experiences. See my LinkedIn Profile.


Independent School Gender Project Participants

“This was by far my favorite workshop, mostly because it was hands-on. The speaker was a real pro, completely engaging, prepared, and inspiring. She created a safe environment in which participants felt free to share personal stories.”

“Thank you again for an amazing workshop!! I am still thinking about some of the other group members silencing stories as well as finding a solution to my own. Very motivating!! Thank you again and the work looks awesome!!!!”

“I love the general and overwhelming enthusiasm coming from the presenter about HERstory. It inspired me.”

M.O.M. Participants

“To me motherhood is an amazing journey. It starts from the time you find out you are pregnant and decide to keep the child… through the traumatic time of birth… to the life-altering moment when you look that infant in the eyes and know you will impact the rest of their lives…”

Zena R Marpet on August 18, 2008 at 10:18 AM said: “My mother works very hard and she ROCKS. i love her.”

“I am a mother, a poet, a writer, a recording tech and engineer and a painter . . . the most difficult thing I have found is being an artist and being true to yourself as a woman and an artist and being true to yourself as a Mother, simultaneously.”

Laura Faeth

“Joy is an incredibly talented, visionary woman. As the founder of  Mamapalooza, I respected Joy’s significant contribution to helping women, especially moms, fulfill a vision of bringing forth their music into the world.”