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All-Mom Bands Rock Housewife Stereotype

Joy Rose brings Mamapalooza to MingleMediaTV, amplifying the voices of women and moms with Music, Comentary & Culture. Wednesdays at 4PM PACIFIC / 7PM (EST) (2010-2011)


From a period of 2009-2011, I participated in various radio shows throughout New York City.

These comprised:
UnknownWBAI – The Women’s Desk: Wednesday, 10PM – 11PM Taking Feminist Radio to the next level… From The Women’s Desk of the Women’s Collective covers the entire spectrum of political, cultural and intellectual issues crucial to women’s lives, from feminism and revolutionary global sisterhood to critical aspects of movement building, the mind, body and yes, men! In the belief that debating and dialogue-ing with men, including our He Said, She Said… online column at, is an essential component of Feminist Radio.A unique multicultural and multi-abled gathering place for shared women’s voices on the air, the Women’s Collective is open to all WBAI female producers, listeners and community activists. It is also meant to provide a learning and training experience for all aspiring ‘radio-active’ women with a passion for covering social issues in their communities, and expressing themselves artistically on the radio.The Collective is also active in developing The WBAI Women’s Desk with an online website component, and instituting Sister To Sister Station Networking with other Pacifica family stations.  Hosts: Joy Rose, Linda Z, Prairie Miller, Vanessa Cooper (This show is no longer being taped)
Don’t Tell Me To Shut Up Radio – A weekly show created and hosted by Joy Rose devoted to amplifying women’s voices in the media. The show  focuses on the power of words. Episodes feature women in music, culture and activism. (This show is no longer taping)


January 22, 2006 – FOX News

February 11, 2009 – CBS News

Joy Rose is the Media Mom™

Joy Rose is the Media Mom™

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