Housewives On Prozac

Joy Rose, Kyleann Burtt, Donna Kelly, Jane Getter, & Susan Graham glitter in the band HOUSEWIVES ON PROZAC.

Joy Rose of Housewives on Prozac Band - Art and Soul Oakland Photo © Ingrid Taylar

Joy Rose of Housewives on Prozac Band – Art and Soul Oakland
Photo © Ingrid Taylar

The band has been rocking audiences since 1997 with a distinctive blend of rock, disco, and blues with original lyrics about domestically intriguing themes. The music is upbeat and solidly rock influenced; Songs like, ‘Fuzzy Slippers’, ‘Eat Your Damn Spaghetti’, and ‘I Don’t Think Like My Mom Anymore’, are sprinkled with a few memorable covers like; ‘I Am Woman’ and ‘Harper Valley PTA’.

Housewives have two live album releases to their credit. ‘No Prescription Required’ and ‘HOP LIVE!’, as well as two singles, ‘I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At The Mall”, and “Mrs. President”. Joy Rose has written a performed two original rock musicals with the band: ‘Shut Up And Drive’ and ‘The Housewife’s Lament’. Housewives has been featured in The New York Times, LONDON TIMES, Wall St. Journal, Village Voice, PEOPLE Magazine, USA Today, Child Magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, The Daily News, MORE Magazine, Good Morning America, CNN and NPR.

Performances include: Giants Stadium, Girls Night Out Events, arts presenters, private parties, PRIDE Festivals, family festivals, fundraisers, rock venues, national radio and television. They consistently draw audiences of 150-1,000 people and most recently toured upstate New York, summer of 2008.

Joy Rose, founded The MAMAPALOOZA FESTIVAL in NYC in 2002 and oversees the promotion and celebration of Mom-Rockers, Poets, Writers, Comics, Craftswomen, and Dancers nationally. She is responsible for the burgeouning identity of Mom Rock, which has garnered sponsorships with REDBOOK Magazine, The Parenting Group, Sam Ash Music, ASCAP and others. This unique annual festival and movement has expanded to include multiple locations with a branded identity that includes local partners, parks departments and women everywhere. Additional info available: http://www.mamapalooza.comMamaLogo_2011SMHousewives isn’t like any other act you’ve seen. Comprised of full-time working musicians   with mother of four, Joy Rose leading the way, HOP Band is committed to honoring and cherishing heroic woman everywhere. Prepare yourselves for a colorful, intense and lively show.

Joy Rose with Housewives On Prozac

Joy Rose with Housewives On Prozac

HOP PRESS QUOTES: ‘Not Just a band – Its a way of life’

“….the rules of motherhood are being radically rewritten–with a snarl, cymbal crash and power E-chord that would make the lads in AC/DC stand and salute.” –-USA Today

Housewives On Prozac play a vibrant mix of rock and disco, humor and heartbreak that gets EVERYONE (Including men) on their feet!”– The London Times

“A sweetly outrageous – completely contagious sound.” — Ladies Home Journal 

“Backed up by the hard-rocking Housewives, Rose doesn’t disappoint. She screams, struts and swings her blond hair around like a whip. There is nothing tame about Joy Rose or her music.” — The Journal News

“Ms. Rose’s story is as theatrically compelling, as for example, Hedwig’s in the off-off Broadway rock hit, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” . . . The songs work better.” — Back Stage

“If you like music, comedy and showmanship, these Housewives are for you. But, be warned: the serious undercurrents of their songs can sweep you up and pull you into a deeper level consciousness and connection, taking you to surprising places along the emotional terrain.” Westchester Weekly

“Their show, a blend of monologue and songs, explores a trajectory of emotion, the elation and exhaustion of parenthood and the triumphs and disappointments of professional achievement. “I wipe my baby’s chin with my college diploma and wonder, ‘Did I walk all this way in my fuzzy slippers?’ ” — Spotlight Magazine

“Housewives On Prozac aren’t just a band, they’re a way of life. Their buoyant rock sound will get you on your feet.”Next Guide, Heritage of Pride Rally, NYC

“Think Rocky Horror meets Carol Brady and you’ll get the charm of Housewives On Prozac.” — Child Magazine images-1

“Mom of four, Joy Rose camps up a cabaret’n’roll shtick you might compare to Hairspray meets My Fair Lady meets Sir Monte Rock III.” — The Village Voice

 “Joy Rose likes to go for shock value — She shocked me! Housewives On Prozac really know how to rock! These six talented women aren’t afraid to flex their muscles and tell it like it is. The audience is made up of moms, daughters, husbands, wives friends and coworkers of all different ages. That’s exactly how Joy likes it.” — Connecticut Weekend News

“HOP is an over the top rock band that performs songs about the drudgery of cleaning while accessorizing with plastic dolls and cereal boxes. Rose moans, grunts and shows off her vibrato on songs like “Slow Motion Emotion” and “Heart Wants” with a soulful, theatrical sound — A cross between Heart and The B-52’s, but visually very Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.” — The News-Times Weekend

“I went to see Housewives expecting some tacky reject novel of Danielle Steele — Yet I loved it. Joy Rose, whose bright, shining, humorous, loving and warm performance interprets life around her through song.” — The Record-Review

“You would have thought you were at Woodstock, they way they were dancing in the aisles and getting into it. The first album, “No Prescription Required” reflects Joy’s quirky brand of humor and wicked sex appeal. The songs embody the sweet-sour poignancy and humor that comes with straddling two very different worlds – That of a mid-life rocker and mom.” — Big Apple Parent

Your musical is so great, with epic Wagnerian overtones. ~ Bob, a fan from Connecticut

Housewives On Prozac (HOP) 1997-2008; a comprehensive, professional musical experience. Founders of Mom Rock. The first ever band to identify women-empowered, mom-amplified music and performance, with a proven track record of sold out shows and critical acclaim. Off-Off Broadway with “Shut Up and Drive” (School House Theater, Croton Falls, NY 1998) and “Housewives Lament” (The Duplex, NYC 1999).  Recipients to the key for the Village of Seneca Falls, NY for work benefiting women and children. Performances in Clubs, Theaters and Festivals. Giant’s Stadium- New Jersey, Acoustic Cafe – CT, Madison Square Garden– NYC, Turning Point, NYC Pride Rally, Bryant Park – NYC &  Rallies – Upstate New York, Cutting Room- NYC, CBGB’s, Oakland Art & Should Festival – CA, What Women Want Expo – Montana, Harvard Square Rocktoberfest – Boston,  The Common Ground – Ithaca, Country Clubs,  PTA and School Fundraisers, MAMAPALOOZA, Alliance For Lupus, Research Fundraisers, CBS Sunday Morning, NPR Radio, CNN, BBC – ENGLAND, WFUV Radio and so much more. Many great times. Also, see the film Momz Hot Rocks, a film by Kate Perotti exploring the origins of the Mom Rock Movement and our stories: HOP, The MydolsFrump and more… Thank you 4-Ever Kyleann BurttDonna Kelly, Suzie Greist, Gillian Crane and Jane Getter! You are my Soul Sistas, Joy Rose!

Housewives on Prozac. New York. Foto: Charlotte WiigBand rehearsal with Zena and Tess – 2004

See more work on the Mothers’ Movement at the Museum of Motherhood.




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