Weekly Journal 2/23/15

Adventures in DH Report

This was a productive week.
Our team honed in on a plan.
We presented in class last week, and met again during and after the class.
I attended the Manager’s meeting (and audio taped the Outreach meeting).
This was positive. During the Manager’s meeting we shared information on different management systems. Found out about Trello.com from Chris.
I shared the magic of Google groups (less clutter with e-mail chains).
But, it seems like everyone is using some form of Google, including Google docs, etc.

I think my main takeaway is:

  1. make sure we are all sharing our work
  2. make sure everyone is accountable for meeting their weekly goals

    Team CUNYcast

    Team CUNYcast

  3. I need to make sure I’m on top of that.

To that end we established our goals in our after class meeting and I wrote everyone on Wed. to make sure we were on task.

Our deliverable was by midnight Saturday.

First detail to attend to was: are we using CUNYcast or CUNYCast. We voted with some outside input as well and decieded on CUNYcast.
This week I edited the audio from our class, added music and an intro and delivered it to James.
The audio edit was aprox. 35 minutes and was the sample for James to use in his test posting at Ds106 Radio
I wrote to Luke and Amanda, letting them know that James will be our designer, and also asking if it would be appropriate to make an intro on James’s behalf to the Ds106 dude.
James managed to get audio up on Ds106. He did a great job!
I set up twitter account and announced that we had audio up: @CUNYcast
I looked into Trello and spent an hour or so there without getting very far. I’m going to ask Chris to meet be before class to give me a tutorial, but right now my team seems ambivalent about learning another new technology, as am I, although I’m curious.
I checked out google analytics (Learned about this while listening back to the audio from the Outreach meeting):
We need to have our website up before setting this up.
We already have our domain ready to point as soon as we have enough up there to matter.
Julia worked on the website and did make progress. She sent me a report at midnight Saturday and I followed the links she provided. Julia did a great job!

It all looks good to me, although I have a few tech questions I’ll ask her about this week in class. I’m excited that we’re creating a manual for others to use. I spent quite a lot of time translating everyone’s process notes into a readable “manual-style” document and posted it on the blog. But I realize we need to all sit together and make sure its 100% accurate and that nothing was lost in translation.

My ONLY frustration right now is keeping all our reporting and materials in a common place where it can easily be found. For example, I am looking for Julia’s power point from last week’s class, but I’m not seeing it in the Google docs. This is another major reason why I’m encouraging us to use the CUNYcast@gmail account and the CUNYcastgoogle group for all our communication. Otherwise, it is too onerous mixed in with the personal.

Feelin’ good.