Weekly Journal 2/17/15

DH As A Way Of Life

It was a busy week for our group. We scrambled to make sense of the CUNYcast proposal with a vote to get technical with some new ways of recording lectures around CUNY, link it to a calendar, and make it available to the CUNY community. The team looked pretty scared.

We stayed after class and had some good brainstorming time, while I taped the meeting, just in case the “reality show” idea ends up being all we got!

During this meeting James confided that he likes to think of big ideas, but admitted to being more of a salesman than a techie, and both Julia and James agreed that they lacked basic geek skills. I never claimed to have any, and recognize that I’m good at slapping together existing technology but am just not trained in the code side of things.

Since Liam left the group I will now be the Project Manager and also Outreach. I image Julia and James will have their hands full with the more technical side of things.

I did play techie a bit this week though. I went home and edited the audio from the class meeting. I only have imovie installed on my home computer, so I edited it there and then converted the file to an audio file. Wednesday I spent the greater part of the day searching for applications that could fulfill the technological goals of the project ie: recording material via phone and uploading it to a site with playback capability. I communicated my findings to Luke and the group. I managed to upload the audio to my paid WordPress site – basic WordPress doesn’t let you add audio. I also created a CUNYcast group for us on the commons.

For the next experiment I test recorded 60 minutes of audio on my phone thinking that if we can’t get the app on the site to work, we could maybe find a way for students to create their own recordings on their phones, and upload them to our site. Didn’t work. The file was too big to e-mail. I let the team know that approach would not be possible. My aim was to find sources that confirmed what we hoped to do was technically possible. If it was available via paid source, it might be available via open source.

By Thursday/Friday the group had reported back with lot’s of feedback, and links, but little actual progress in terms of practical application. James and Julia were scheduled to spend Saturday working with various code. We convened for a pre-scheduled conference call on Saturday at 6pm.

The report from James and Julia was not positive. They both felt they would not be able to learn enough code to make progress with CUNYcast in the short time we are allotted. We discussed creating an instruction manual for people at the Graduate Center who would like to document their class in the future. We also agreed to document our process, and create a podcast of our class project on a separately hosted website.

Latest update; Sunday at 2pm. We are now modeling the project on Ds106 Radio. Things change pretty fast around here. DH has pretty much become a way of life in less than a week.