Weekly Journal 2/10/15

I rarely use words like devastated, or heartbroken, so I won’t use them now. We voted on projects in DHpraxis class. 10 projects. 4 slots. I was holding in fifth place, but didn’t make the cut. Good part was Christopher spoke strongly and eloquently on my project’s behalf, for which I felt immense gratitude. In fact both professors seemed supportive too, or so I perceived. All these things stack up to not a totally lost cause.

There were also lessons to be learned during the competition. People who have never been to a Mother Studies conference, or widely read the literature, do not understand how unsentimental my goals for this project are. Christopher mentioned his grandmother and how he thought she would like to contribute something to the portal website. Though that was a sweet sentiment, the Mother Studies portal is intended as a academically rigorous place where students study and examine experiences of motherhood: health, history, and theory, etc.

After the voting we dove into project mode. I am on the CUNYcast team with James, Liam, and Julia. I registered the domain CUNYcast.com and .org while we were still in class. I’m a big believer in making things easy to find, so if we’re going to brand a project CUNYcast, people be better be able to find it, especially if I am outreach coordinator, which I am.

The rest of our team meetings stumbled along with different people suggesting different platforms. The boys like Google chat. I prefer a Google Group. I can see that part of this project is going to mean me going with the flow. Together we’ve been editing some online documents, and we have the work for Sunday night laid out. Julia has been a no-show.

James and Liam have shaped the basic abstract. I provided an environmental scan. I was a little shocked to learn that there are a LOT of existing CUNY podcasts. So, I think we have to have a pretty cool angle on this or what’s the point?

I listened to James’ online podcast, read through his paper, and reviewed Liam’s points about our project. I suggested a Reality Show podcast to the team based on Luke’s wisecrack remark in class. It’s actually a good idea. Here was the idea I sent the team: Create an entertaining way to document the brand new DHpraxis program by utilizing the content in front of us- namely; the class, its workshops, perspectives, lectures, etc. Point being, we could do “Season 1” of “CUNYcast DHpraxis Program Gone Wild,” or something like that, and make it creative, fun, and entertaining. We could use factual stuff, links to Linda, or workshops, interviews with Matt, Lev, Amanda, Luke as well as documenting our fellow (and sister) classmate’s projects and progress. James, and I or all of us, could “report in,” do commentary, interviews, to link the podcasts together. If its good and people like it, maybe subsequent classes will want to do Season 2, 3, 4, etc.