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The Power Of A Woman

Last week Mindy Stokes sent me a link to an MP3 radio broadcast of her The Clothesline Project, which brings awareness and voice to the virtually taboo topic of domestic violence. Whether praising Eve Ensler’s work, or citing other feisty feminists like dear ole’Gloria, one thing is clear – there is still much work to be done.
March is Women’s History Month and March 8th was International Women’s Day, a time for hope, activism and personal empowerment. Since 82% of the female population will go on to have children, events like these must also mark the value and importance of mothers and the work they do.
Dylan BocanegraExhibits like Alexia Nye Jackson’s, ‘Mother The Job‘, encourage us to actively evaluate the hidden costs of parenting, and ask questions like; how do we, as a nation, provide health care, maternity leave, paid parental leave, breast feeding and childcare at the workplace? Dylan Bocanegra’s work, newly mounted in the M.O.M. lobby, focuses on mother activists like Maria Shriver and Elizabeth Taylor.
Promoting the health, wellbeing, information, education and connection for individuals and collectives around the area of mother studies and family, benefits everyone. To that end, ongoing groups, researchers, activists, artists, thought-leaders, social change-makers, like Jill Starishevsky write books that empower our children to know and understand the phrase ‘My Body Belongs To Me. Jill is a child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor in the Bronx, NY, and is doing her best every day to inform and educate  families on their rights, and children on how to be self-aware enough to protect themselves from these crimes.
Women in business and the newly formed Women’s High NETwork have been gathering at the Museum Of Motherhood (M.O.M.), in New York City each month for incubator groups focused on personal, financial and social good. This month we move to Donnetta Campbell’s ‘Wings Of Change‘ event in Stamford on the evening of March 29th. (Some seats are still available if you want to mingle with a business-savvy, movers and shakers in the Connecticut/New York area). I’ll even be speaking that day, on the subject of the ‘Value Of A Woman’ in the afternoon. 
At the M.O.M. space we talk about hyper-local activism, working with people like owner/Gymboree Franchisee, Debra Whitefield and Debra Whitefield, Gymboree & Champion of M.O.M.Barry Hanson, about the importance of exercise and body-arts awareness from a young age. Their commitment to teaching children how to interact through healthful activities reverberates throughout communities in Manhattan, Long Island and more. Their model for engagement permeates the museum, as children and families engage in dialogue, interactive play and education, before toddling off to the Gymboree space around the corner on First Avenue and Eighty Fourth St., where activities progress to a higher level of coordination and music-play from infancy on. 
Learning to understand our bodies and minds in healthy ways from an early age, helps to empower us as adults. As we move through March and celebrate women in history, with events like Amy Simon’s play ‘She’s History‘, coming to the Museum Of MotherhoodTheatre on Saturday, March 31st, let’s take time to acknowledge the people who are making history in their own ways, by doing good work everyday. I am personally grateful to each of them.

Another Great Day!

I am trying to get in the habit of journaling a little bit at the end of the day – if you want to see what I’ve been up to or if you want to know what’s up at M.O.M. Of course you can always check the calendar too.
We had our first board member meeting in January that included some of the new hyper-local people who are helping make the museum integral to the community, and our next meeting is Feb. 15th in person here at the museum, as well as a few parties booked, a few special events, another ‘Eat, Drink, Be Mommy’ event/fundraiser and the ‘1st on First’.
The ‘Meet The Expert‘ series is going well. The people who have gotten involved with that have really become invested in us doing well, including a social worker who wants to write a grant for a social worker to be available to counsel mothers here at M.O.M.. We now have music on Sundays, which has been bringing in some people, and next goal is to get pregnant ladies in here on Wednesdays, so we’re trying some new programs with that. I’m going to go to the Javits Center next Tuesday to look for items to make our store more robust. I am also launching a cooperative workspace concept here off-hours: Monday NOON-3 and Wed. 6-9PM. People can bring their computers, we’ll provide tables, networking, etc and pay $10 per hour to use the space.
New breast feeding exhibit and new art behind the desk by Norman Gardner. It looks great.
I spent Tuesday at the Foundation Center to pick up more info on grant writing. We have few people who have volunteered to write grants for us, and my goal is to have 1-3 interns so I can spend more time grantwriting and fundraising beyond the day to day of the museum.

Spoke with Clare Misquitta and corresponded about Grant initiatives. Also spoke with Jill Starishevsky, who’s the Advisory Board President. Her amazing book ‘My Body Belongs To Me‘ is about teaching toddlers how to protect themselves from abuse. Jill is a sex crimes prosecutor from the Bronx, Mid-town Manhattanite, ‘Founding Legacy Member’ of M.O.M. and real friend to us here. She’s going to be helping to steer the advisory board in great new directions. VP is Janae Shields who works for Goodwill in the Bronx, and is helping with grantwriting, and making introductions to Women’s Chamber Of Commerce which we joined too.
Slow day yesterday at M.O.M. Today was rainy with a couple of Babybites groups. We were also included in their newsletter today about Mom Swap event next Friday. Couple of Moms of twins came today and one Dad.
Fun, Fun, Fun.

Wall Of Fame opens at the Museum Of Motherhood, honoring ‘Founding Legacy Members’

Museum Of Motherhood

Founding Legacy Members Honored

Wall Of Fame opens at the Museum Of Motherhood, honoring ‘Founding Legacy Members’.

Thurs, Nov. 3rd, 2011, 7-9PM

401 East 84th St. (@1st Ave, lower level), New York, New York

Come help us celebrate:

Carol EvansPresident Working Mother Magazine & MediaJill StarishevskyAuthor, My Body Belongs To MeSuzanne DawsonDirector Strategic Partnerships for Mamapalooza,Debra WhitefieldGymboree Play & Music Manhattan OwnerLynn KuechleDirector Education M.O.M.Joy Rose Sr., homemaker, and Joy RoseFounding Director M.O.M.,become Founding Legacy Members (FLM) at the Museum Of Motherhood (M.O.M.), the first and only museum of its kind. The museum wishes to thank its Founding Legacy Members for believing in the mission of empowering, educating and celebrating mothers.

Plaques will be presented each person’s honor, and placed in the Museum Of Motherhood, as part of its permanent collection. The Founding Legacy Member initiative is ongoing. The efforts, enthusiasm and capital contributions of FLM, will help M.O.M. continue with its good work in perpetuity, on behalf of women, families and caregivers everywhere.

The Museum Of Motherhood (M.O.M.) is a living, breathing, community-centered arts, media and social change museum focused on amplifying the voices and experiences of mothers, and connecting ‘the cultural family’ while pioneering new areas of academe in mother studies. M.O.M. is the first and only facility of this kind. Come celebrate this ‘her’storic occasion with mother activists, feminists, leaders, artists, scholars and more.

Founding Legacy Members and party-goers will enjoy music by Dawn Drake, champagne and plaque hanging.

WHY: M.O.M. Pop-Up Exhibit is an education and arts-centered program connecting creativity and motherhood with the community at large for the purposes of engaging families in an exploration of the ‘Art Of Motherhood’ and the ‘Cultural Family’. Sept 1 – Dec. 30, 2011; empowered by Motherhood Foundation, Inc., Working Mother Magazine, Realityworks, Goodwill, Gymboree and Mamapalooza.