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VOTE AMERICA #KeepAmericaBeautiful

It’s been a long time since my last post. I have traversed three states along with several countries, navigated the passing of two family members, and find myself back where everything started in New York City.

Today, I am sitting in the newly created Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center at Manhattan College. The center is an inclusive space designed to centralize resources, support, and advocacy for students having experiences related to gender, sexuality- including sexual assault prevention and gender justice. Each Tuesday from 2-4 at Kelly rm 203, I will be bringing a bit of the Museum of Motherhood to the campus and sharing information on mother studies.

Today is an IMPORTANT DAY – today America VOTES!

When anxious friends tell me they are upset with the current political environment, I respond with the following, “educate yourself and others, vote, be kind to your neighbor.” 

I’ve been teaching Codes of Gender this semester at MC and it couldn’t be a more timely class or a more important topic. I’m hoping to get the course material online over the holidays, but meantime, here is a poem from one of my students and a few photos from around town, including the fabulous “Body” show at Westbeth Gallery. Now…. get out there and let’s #MakeAmericaColorful

Also, a reminder that there is a current CFP for the Annual Academic MOM Conference, to be held at MC this year April 6-7. If you are an academic, student, health-worker, artist, or activist in the area of childbirth, birth trauma, and healing and think you’d like to submit, the link is here: https://mommuseum.org/conferences/

Photo taken at the Westbeth Gallery Legacy Fatale “Unbound Feminisms and Territorialities” The Queens Museum, 2016. Legacy Fatale is a performance art group: http://www.legacyfatale.com

Long Way To Go
Laura O’Neill

The plight of women has been a long one.
Giving life to men who have no empathy ain’t fun.
The first wave of feminism began in 1920.
But it’s been almost a hundred years, and we still can’t get equal money. All women have faced the struggle.
But black women have faced it double.
Sojourner Truth had to plead with her white sisters, to see her as a woman. Looking back, our history can seem quite inhuman.
The battle is far from won when it comes to binary options
It’s time to throw away all your presumptions.
Radical feminism may seem intense.
But when a man gets paid a $1, Latina women earn just 54 cents. Heteronormativity can keep people from living their best life.
Most women have big dreams, more than just a wife.
Cis humans have to make being an ally a priority.
And eventually love and acceptance will be the majority.


Project: “Mapping American Motherhood” is an interactive exhibit with digitized resources aimed at connecting people to valuable information within the sphere of gender studies, motherhood, fatherhood, and family education. Its goal is to assist users in navigating resources that are helpful to cultivating agency for the purpose of empowerment, wellbeing, and self-advocacy. This will be the first collaboratively created project in the field of Mother Studies, and the first to propose integrated intellectual content that is delivered in accessible ways in a web-based platform. The project is premised on interactivity and solicits input from its users while providing them with solid theoretical content. It goes to the heart of the digital humanities mandate using text, music, video, articles, (and ultimately games), to archive, share, and manage a series of collections. Continue reading

Independent School Gender Project


ISGP: Independent School Gender Project; Show Up, Speak Up, Act Up; Reclaiming Feminism

ISGP: Independent School Gender Project; Show Up, Speak Up, Act Up; Reclaiming Feminism

How can we get more schools involved in the work of ISGP? How can we model change for schools wanting to work on gender issues and challenges of equity in their schools? What would happen if we created a conference for girls and women from independent schools?

The Independent School Gender Project invites conference attendees to Show Up, Speak Up and Act Up on June 19 – 21st.  Reclaiming Feminism is one of the goals of this fierce gathering of girls of all ages.

I’m excited to be participating with two workshops: “In Search of HERstory” and “Silent No More“, an interactive experience involving words, art, and community.

Amy Richards, Dr. Gina Barreca, and Erin McKeown are lead presenters.

To see the full schedule, click here.

There is still time to sign up. All activities are at The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut.

Registration form is online here.