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My Own Personal Summer of Love Tour

The Summer Of Love Tour plays dress up, happy toes, and good food with Zena Marpet.

Life is short. Live it up. Better yet; Love it up. Everywhere you go. Everyone you meet. Love, Love, Love! God(fess) Bless us all. Share the music you’re listening to, the journeys your taking, and your special moments with us on our MaMaPaLooZa Facebook. #TheSummerOfLoveTour #JoinMama #LoveLifeMessage


July – I’m lovin’ Maine for the whole month this year; something I’ve never done before. Carl and I have enjoyed short bursts of quality time, but we’ve never spent more than a few weeks together in a row. This summer on “The Summer of Love Tour” I’m spending every day in July in partnership and in nature. I’ll be foraging, gardening, writing, and playing on Food Is Love Farm with CH, the kids and the moms. Pictured below are photos from my new love affair with rhubarb. Wow, they really got this one wrong. Everything I’ve ever known about rhubarb is going out the window, as I start all over with this blog, “The Trouble With Rhubarb.”