Love Life Message

The Summer Of Love Tour plays dress up, happy toes, and good food with Zena Marpet.

The Summer Of Love Tour plays dress up, happy toes, and good food with Zena Marpet.

Life is short. Live it up. Better yet; Love it up. Everywhere you go. Everyone you meet. Love, Love, Love! God(fess) Bless us all. Share the music you’re listening to, the journeys your taking, and your special moments with us on our MaMaPaLooZa Facebook. #TheSummerOfLoveTour #JoinMama #LoveLifeMessage


Last Summer Update – About to head back to graduate school at The Graduate Center in NYC as a full time masters student. Yes, I’m scared, but I will persevere. One more trip to Fire Island first with my dear gal pals. We raised our kids together in the Soho playgrounds 25+ years ago. #Blessed #TheSummerOfLoveTour 2014.

Amy Weinstein, Donna Lewis, Joy Rose, and Barbara Glickstein take Fire Island #TheSummerOfLoveTour

Amy Weinstein, Donna Lewis, Joy Rose, and Barbara Glickstein take Fire Island #TheSummerOfLoveTour

August – Topsham, Maine has been my home for the last 30 days. Adventures have included: Canoeing the Cathance River, fishing (Carl, not me – I just paddled), Yurt camping with my Ma at Great Pond, lots of campfires, gardening, gardening, gardening, foraging, foraging, foraging, and eating, eating, eating at Food Is Love Farm. My obsession with web domains has continued. In my spare moments I’ve registered and built “MadeInMaineOrganics” and “TheMaineCook“, but have spent relatively little time online which has been awesome! I head back to Hastings on Wednesday. Then cooking for the kids for a couple of weeks before they head back to college, and spreading lots more LOVE. Why? Because it’s “TheSummerOfLoveTour” all summer long.

July – I’m lovin’ Maine for the whole month this year; something I’ve never done before. Carl and I have enjoyed short bursts of quality time, but we’ve never spent more than a few weeks together in a row. This summer on “The Summer of Love Tour” I’m spending every day in July in partnership and in nature. I’ll be foraging, gardening, writing, and playing on Food Is Love Farm with CH, the kids and the moms. Pictured below are photos from my new love affair with rhubarb. Wow, they really got this one wrong. Everything I’ve ever known about rhubarb is going out the window, as I start all over with this blog, “The Trouble With Rhubarb.”



June 17-26 – Lot’s of foraging at Food Is Love Farm with Carl Hovey, Zena, and Kyle who spent the weekend with us in Maine. We four-wheeled, had target practice, and hung out around the backyard campfire. Then back to Hastings and New York City for archiving Housewives On Prozac for future thesis project, and lots of time with my summer roommie – Z.

Kyleann Burtt plays trombone with Housewives On Prozac Band

Kyleann Burtt plays trombone with Housewives On Prozac Band

June 12-16 – Bro home from St. Pete and met Vicky! Everyone happy. Spent lots of good quality time, eating great food, and visiting. Launched storefront with Amazon at Its a work in process but it would be awesome if people would check it out and actually make some purchases there. I’m only going to feature things I believe in. Only way I can justify “stuff”.

June 6-10 – Drove to Maine for the CH high school graduation. Worked with CH in the “Food is Love” garden until I could barely move. Diggin’ dirt is hard work! Today I logged onto WFUV and left a comment online-because I LOVE WFUV Radio; great music all the time. I’m going to post at MaMaPalooZa again today too, because I LOVE all the Mamas who make original music to feed their souls while they feed their families. Tonight we’ll have a table at the Museum Mile Festival with one of my greatest passions of all; the Museum of Motherhood.

Life is short – perhaps too short. This spring we lost Suzie’s Ma; my Aunt Nancy. Some of my closest friends suffered illness and hospitalization this past winter. I’ve decided that this summer is the “Summer Of Love” tour. I’m taking as much time as I can to drive to visit some of my precious friends and family. Share your love stories with me by writing: #LoveLifeMessage. #TheSummerOfLoveTour. Twitter is: JoyMRose or Facebook at MaMaPaLooZa.

June 5. Hugged up Gillian C. my lifelong friend and bandmate in HOP who’s moving to a new job in Texas. Watched the movie “Happy” last night and now headed to Maine to spend time in the Food Is Love Garden. Oh, and Jackson Rose graduated H.S. this week. Congrats!

June 2nd. Cooked for six hours: organic friend chicken, chicken vegetable soup, pasta, biscuits, vegetarian stuffed cabbage leaves with middle eastern rice, Maine wild caught cod (courtesy of Carl), cole slaw, yogurt raita, peach tea (with fresh peaches brought back from North Carolina). Enjoyed good food all day with Ali, Zena, Blaze and Tony, then one of my favorite movies– Sleeper. Another great day of full-on lovin’.

May 21-June 1: attended Harry’s graduation from Bard, enjoyed time with my brother David and his son Jackson, driven from upstate N.Y. to South Carolina with my mother to visit Cooke in Cabin John, Chadwick, Beth and Annabeth in S.C. and lovely Lina in Washington D.C. Next stop, feed the kids for three days, then off to Collin’s H.S. graduation. Ain’t life GRAND! (Blessed).

Joy Rose - Love Life Message

Joy Rose – Love Life Message

Art Allows Us To See What’s Possible. I Am JOY!



Food Is Love 2009, JR

Created by, Joy Rose 4/4/13

Created by, Joy Rose 4/4/13

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