Kinda Rough

Kinda a rough day. Not for me as a mother, but for me as a DH’er.

It was fairly frightening to have my computer go off with bells and whistles after clicking on the url for DS106 radio. Um, it just threw a wrench in the works in every way:

Long schlepp to Best Buy with a super heavy desktop Mac

An hour consult with the GeekSquad

A one week wait if I wanna have the computer diagnosed

Thank God when I called the number that popped up, and talked with Mohammed, I was savvy enough not to offer my credit card or let him diagnose my computer – for now Chrome has been trashed and I’ll deal with everything after the semester

A similar thing happened last semester. I did a lot of “playing” with tricks and tools for DH and ended up having to have my computer rebuild 6 months ago (its not that old).

Anyway, for now everything in Safari seems okay. Now, as far as the gorilla suit goes…….