Adventures in DH 5/4/15

We met late after class again, plotting out our week and going over tasks.

I transcribed the class notes and sent out a reminder e-mail and summary report to everyone.

I edited the short description of our project and played around with possible tag lines:

CUNYcast is a live online radio website offering students an opportunity to stream audio using original content from classes, lectures, and projects. CUNYCast’s aim is to empower a DH guerrilla broadcast community.

Possible tag lines: CUNYcast; make it your own, CUNYcast; radio your way, CUNYcast; DH guerrilla broadcast radio. CUNY out loud! (Julia sent a couple off great ones: Shout it out with CUNYcast. PBe heard.Learn to cast.) lease add your ideas!

I edited the first 2 pages of the manual using James original notes an forwarded them to Julia for posting on the class blog (I am away this weekend).

I responded to Mikhail on behalf of the team.

Posted the first BLOG on our Commons Group. This group is still private but will hopefully open up to interested CUNY Commons peeps in the next week so we can encourage people to start getting curious.

How To Succeed Even When You Fail

Spring semester 2015. Our Digital Humanities class broke into teams. We were only mildly anxious. Like the television show, “Shark Tank” which features new pitches for products and services each week, we were convinced our ideas were sound and that we could excel. The thing was, within just a few days we started to drown. Instead of devouring the material and spitting it back out for human consumption, we started sinking in a sea of possibilities. No tech geeks on our team. Just dreamers. That didn’t stop us from grabbing at every idea that seemed to float.

But, wait, our group of four people diminished to only three by week two. Man down. He disappeared and dropped the class (we wished him well). The three of us had to take a good hard look at the CUNYcast concept and decide what would assure our chances of survival. (Think of the music to Jaws playing underneath these words).

We took our overblown idea of a RSS-feed calendar linked into the CUNY system, that would record remotely via an app, after two afternoons of staring at code and realizing that by the time the project was due, we’d maybe have gotten through a couple of introductory tutorials. There was no way any of us would be coding experts in 12 weeks.

We trimmed the fat. Bit back with strength and vigor, and began on the current instantiation of CUNYcast: a live online radio website offering students an opportunity to stream audio using original content from classes, lectures, and projects. Our professors urged us to aim outside the box and empower an entire DH guerrilla broadcast community at the Graduate Center. Reporting in on week 4 and things are going swimmingly. We’ve gelled as a team and we’re optimistic.

We are not afraid anymore – even if we should be.

~ M. Joy Rose reporting in for “Outreach” on behalf of James Mason; Developer, and Julia Pollack; Designer