A Great Week

We had a great week.
Preso in class went well.
No emotional breakdowns.
Clear communication.
We’re making progress.
It seems like all is going well.

We’re hosting our first “tutorial” on how to cast for two people on Tuesday, March 31st after class. That is the beginning as far as I’m concerned. From everything I know about grass-roots community building, it starts with one person. Then, another. And, onward.

It was a terrific relief to me that my teammates seem like they are in a good place – Happy team, happy Mommy 🙂

I downloaded the recording software to my i-phone so I can test it too.
Our mega list of questions is down to just a few. Here are my notes for this week:

Note from Luke – new branding: CUNYcast “for the Graduate Center” (at this point we are simply aiming to reach the GC), and also we need to make a mention of no licensed content, only original music.

This week to do:
— James; try the embed widget
— James, can you ask Tim Owen to fix the certificate again please?
— James to keep dead air away use airtime smart block feature.
— Julia, embed calendar
— Julia, ask her brother for long ambient music!!!
— Joy create weekly blog documenting koalalink download on i phone & calendar embed and widget to play embed
— Organize session and notes for next week’s tutorial for broadcasters after class

Questions Answered:
Users cannot create our their own accounts – James asked grant – Grant’s answer was just use pubic use:
1. One admin account with DH Key
2. DH folks can broadcast whenever they want
3. One Grad Center DJ

Don’t worry about having too many broadcasters right now. Grant did concurrency issues. We can probably up to 4,000 listeners

Shut down button in admin can turn off annoying people from Airtime source

2nd Stage Development
archival calendar
reputation – like a show
multiple streams
2nd Stage activity automated way to grab RSS feeds and play them at the same time each week for example NPR or other

Blog for the class is up online and I invited two new people to the CUNYcast group on the commons.