Tally-Ho Scotland, Home of the Brave

The Rose Clan family motto is “Constant and True.” I am not sure if  I am either of those things, but I do love my family with rock steady ferocity. Both of my brother’s; Darton’s kids (minus Chad and Beth who are expecting), and brother Dave’s eldest Harry Rose, as well as my four plus Carl, descended on Edinburgh a week ago Friday. This coincided with the one year anniversary of Dear Dave’s passing on June 24, 2016.

Harry David Rose III (1959-2016)

It was after his son Harry fantasized about some sort of epic Viking-like send off, that I suggested a trip to Scotland. David’s unexpected and untimely death left us bereft, especially as it was only two months after our Mother’s passing. Scotland is our ancestral homeland and the place where the Roses of Kilravock traces its roots since the 1400s.

Storming the ancestral castle

We arrived in Edinburgh and toured the town at a rapid pace before heading north to Elgin, Nairn, and Skye. We stopped at Findhorn beach, built a raft made of ferns and flowers, blessed it, and then Harry carried it far beyond the breakers where it drifted out of sight, holding our prayers and blessings.

Dave’s memorial burial raft

The trip to Skye through mountains and fairy-falls is unlike any other road trip. Single lane byways and nature in all her glory do not disappoint. The island is one of my favorite places in the world. Actually, the entirety of Scotland rates exceptionally high on my list of soul places. We have enjoyed abundant sightseeing, including Loch Ness, hiked Skye (Old Man of Storr), swam in the North Sea, ate (at Three Chimneys), shopped for cashmere at Johnston’s Mill, fly-fished and shot clay pigeons at Kellas Estate, and taken a million pictures while singing a thousand songs.

View from Skye hike

Next week we head south to Helensburgh for a stay at Monumental Castle about thirty minutes from Glasgow, and to meet up with an old family friend….. Just one week left!

The city of Edinburgh near the Royal Mile


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