Wet & Wild – How To Get Ruined In Rome

First we frolicked in Florence, tripping through ancient cobblestone streets. Picking up old friends, Edgardo and Daphne, and a new one, Frederico. We saw the Duomo and Uffizi, with its Botticellis and Medicis, ate beautiful food, and more food. Oh, and shopping. We could not stop shopping. Bad Mommy. Bad Zena. We just kept saying “once in a lifetime trip,” and then purchased leather, clothes, and shoes.

Duomo, Florence Italy


By the time we got to Rome two days later we were bone tired, averaging between six and nine miles of walking per day in very steamy temperatures. The train got us to Tiburtina Station in just over an hour and a half. In the midday sun, we navigated our trek to the AirBnB and then on to more sites.

St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Italy


The Vatican, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Coliseum. You cannot imagine the crowds, the heat, and the ruins. Everywhere. Rome is a magical city of ruins and fountains. Wet, cool, drinkable water bubbling up in hundreds of hidden squares and courtyards. 

Trevi Fountain

Feeling complete and exhausted yesterday, Zena and I made appointments at the Aqua Madre Hammam for a true Roman makeover. Hot steam, therme baths, a good scrub and two hours to simply relax within the incensed lower rooms of this subterranean chamber. (A fun time but made me miss good ‘ole Juvinex Spa in NYC for a real workover). We stayed out late drinking Proseco and enjoying one last Roman meal at Cul de Sac restaurant; a local spot recommended by friends. The meal did not disappoint although we practiced “the art of waiting” (for over an hour), Italian-style.

Ruined at the ruins- sun, heat, crowds, spectacle

Today we leave for the Amalfi Coast. A couple of days of “cush” at the beach before heading to Scotland to meet up with the whole extended family! ❤️    

My traveling buddy, Zena Marpet

I hope you’ll tune in from time to time as I share bits and pieces of the next 45 day journey that will take me from NYC, to London, to Italy, to Scotland. 


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