Hastings On Hudson- Hipsturbia? Where I Used to Live

Last year this time, I packed up my bags, sold my apartment and moved away from Hastings-On-Hudson. This decision was precipitated by two things: my mother’s unexpected terminal diagnosis of advanced lung cancer and a desire to be nearer my adult children in the Tampa/St. Pete area. 

While consistently tethered to Manhattan for work, both these life-changers forced me to come face to face with mortality, and brevity. I made a decision to try something new.

I’d spent the last twenty-five years raising the kids in Westchester. A few years ago, a New York Times article declared this sleepy little hollow, which is only ten miles square, the new “Hipsturbia.” The quirky name stuck. More and more Brookynites  with babies migrated northward. I always knew it was cool in Hastings, with its sleepy downtown, views of the Hudson River, and close proximity to the city.

Warburton Ave. in Hastings

Today, I am glowing! I spent yesterday afternoon seeing friends, shopping at my favorite local stores, and traversing familiar footpaths from the train station to my old house. A lunch downtown with author and teacher Betty Ming Liu was a real high point.

Joy Rose and Betty Ming Liu

The places where we put down roots, create connections, and make memories stay forever embedded in our hearts. This Must be why my heart is overflowing. There are so many places that I love! It is delicious to think that I can visit as often as I can manage a trip away from my usual obligations.

Downtown Hastings on Hudson

I hope you’ll tune in from time to time as I share bits and pieces of the next 45 day journey that will take me from NYC, to London, to Italy, to Scotland. 


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