Day 3 – To Long Island and Back

E Train to Manhattan with delays

Day three. I didn’t write anything on Memorial Day. We just dozed around, went to a movie, and had dinner at a pub in Stonybrook. Oh, and we went rock collecting on the beach.

I took the train to Long Island to see my friend Kim, whom I have known for forty-eight years. We met in Jr. High in Westport, Ct. I was shocked when we stopped by to visit her Mom who is eighty-six, living in assisted living, who popped her head up from the pillow and said, clear as day “Hi Joy.”

Joy Rose & Kim Preston (Naughton)

It rained most of Memorial Day. Tom (Kim’s husband) serenaded us on guitar. Graham played video games with friends. It was perfect, and mellow, and I love Kim so much. She is such a good, good person.

Today, Tuesday, I’m back on the train to NYC, to see friends Jen Ed, Catherine Brabec, and Barbara Glickstein, each of whom I’ve know and cherished for years and years, not just because they are incredible friends, but because they are also INSPIRING creative FORCES!

Jennifer Edwards, Catherine Brabec, Barbara Glickstein

Right now, I’m on the 10:29 E Train underground, which has been stuck on the tracks for about an hour. The subway is packed, shoulder to shoulder. There are several stalls on the tracks and the conductor is talking about an evacuation.

I’m hungry. Haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Grateful that I don’t need the bathroom. The woman on the seat in from of me is nursing her baby. The old man behind me is groaning about his knees. I spend most of the time praying. I figure I might as well be useful.

I hope you’ll tune in from time to time as I share bits and pieces of the next 45 day journey that will take me from NYC, to London, to Italy, to Scotland. 


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