#Find Joy – I Might Need Your Help!

Okay, so “joy” is illusive. All the more paradoxical if your name is “Joy.” True joy seems to come in fits and starts. It finds you when you’re least expecting it, and leaves sooner than you want it to. It is a different emotive state than peace or surrender, more expressive than contentment, and often elates as much as it inflates. It can be exuberant and sweet. My own “joy” has visited at the oddest moments. It is related to gratitude, and it gives me tingly feeling in my stomach.

Music on the radio brings me joy. I often get up and dance to songs as on WFUV while I am working at my desk. Sometimes the songs make me giddy, like Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats singing S.O.B. about his struggles to overcome addiction. Now you see what I mean about paradoxical. How can a song about alcoholism bring so much joy? I can’t listen without smiling. He can’t sing it without sweating, and together we are all uplifted. Joy is spurred by interactive experiences. It is inspired by another person, a moment in nature, or something ethereal like art.

#FindJoy with Martha Joy Rose

#FindJoy with Martha Joy Rose

I’m trying to write a book. I don’t think writing the book is going to be as hard as selling the book, although I’m sure writing will be plenty hard. I’ve got twenty-five edited pages after paring down hundreds of journal entries over fifteen years. Social media is a big deal when you are pitching to agents and publishers. I’ve spent the last fourteen years promoting other women in music through Mamapalooza, and various artists and scholars through the Museum of Motherhood without putting a lot of energy into my twitter account or Instagram. So, I’m going to change that by reaching out to all of you to become “followers” (I will follow you back), and help me increase my numbers. Hopefully I’m going to do this in interesting ways. Right now you can share your stories of what brings you “joy” by sharing the hashtag #FindJoy and friending me. Or, if Mamapalooza or the Museum of Motherhood have brought you joy, then share that.

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