Update on LIFE after Housewives On Prozac

Many of my friends have been writing me after the great success and high visibility of Ali in the NFL and some of the recent press he’s received. As I continue to say, we are all so proud. I am proud of my whole family. As per your request (my dear and wonderful friends) here is an update on life post- Housewives On Prozac:

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. From the years 1997-2008 I performed with my great friends and collaborators Suzie Greist-Graham, Kyleann Burtt, Donna Kelly, Gillian Crane, and Jane Getter in a nationally acclaimed musical project called Housewives On Prozac.

Since then all my children have grown up and gone off to make their way in the world. I am so truly proud of each of them. When Housewives launched on the performance circuit “our” four kids were toddlers. At the time we were grappling with the stereotypes mothers faced and dealing with our own deep personal need to make art and music. The “Prozac” was our performance. Since then, and after starting the Mamapalooza Festival, the idea of Moms who Rock and the a Mothers’ Movement circulated within the university and the performance sphere. The festival went on to champion women in the arts with performance stages in four countries and twenty-five cities over 14 years with hundreds of thousands of attendees. I have continued to be a devoted supporter of women in the arts and fortunately have found many ways to elaborate on that with a ever-growing circle of curators and activists.

Here is an update:

In 2015 I completed a master’s degree in Mother Studies and secured an adjunct position teaching “Families and Social Change” at Manhattan College in New York City. This comes after years of practical application of the theory and praxis of Mother Studies with students of all ages, from the high school level to the graduate level in New York City at the Museum of Motherhood.

As one of the founders of the Mother Studies discipline, I have developed an online curriculum that is available through the Museum of Motherhood’s web portal. Due to my experience curating exhibits on mothers, fathers, and families and my expertise as a specialist in contemporary family issues I believe I am uniquely situated to bring a great wealth of knowledge to courses in “Mother Studies, Family Systems, and Family Studies within America.” Of special interest, and things I feel particularly well suited for, pertain to some of the advanced coursework I embarked on during my time at CUNY, The Graduate Center. A few of these subjects are mentioned here: Nancy K. Miller’s class in “Illness, Grief, and Graphics,” Barbara Katz Rothman’s class on “Maternal Health,” and Hester Eisenstein’s work on “Sociology of Gender.”

Over the years, I have developed a passion for the Gender Studies, Family Studies, Digital Humanities, Sociology, the Media, Arts, Activism, and especially Mother Studies. As the founder and director of the Museum of Motherhood (New York City 2011-14. Currently online) I have been teaching Columbia graduate and undergraduate students, as well as students from Marymount Manhattan College, and The High School of Art and Design since 2011. Before that, as afore mentioned, I spearheaded an international arts and festival program focused on women and mothers that expanded to four countries and twenty-five cities (2002-2015). The Mamapalooza festival focused on bringing educational and performance opportunities to the fore, in conjunction with public parks, libraries, and other free-spaces. There is a Wikipedia entry on Joy Rose citing these accomplishments.

I became committed to working with students after ten years of organizing and hosting the Annual Academic M.O.M. Conference for International scholarship (2005-ongoing) in partnership with academic institutions. In 2014 I applied to CUNY, The Graduate Center to bring a degree in Mother Studies” forward as an individualized major. With the support of my colleagues I succeeded. Mother Studies is the field of interdisciplinary study devoted to the issues, experiences, topics, history, and culture of mothers, mothering, and motherhood. In addition to this I am currently researching and writing a book on this subject, and serving as curatorial adviser to several international exhibits on “The Art of Motherhood” including two in England and one in Israel (fall 2015).

The opportunity to teach is something I am extremely honored to fulfill. I am passionate about education and about the subject of family. I also made a film on the subject of a “2st Century Motherhood Movement” which I often bring to my lectures.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the “updated” me.
(Martha) Joy Rose

Brody, Joy, Ali, Zena

Brody Marpet, Joy Rose, Ali Marpet, Zena Rose Marpet


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