Here is a film about something I feel incredible passion for. What Were They Thinking weaves the story of some of the founders of the Women’s Movement in their own words: then and now. Some of my favorite people in the world are in it including Phyllis CheslerLilly Tomlin, and Patti Smith. I went to a fundraising party for this two weeks ago. (See picture at the bottom), and I MADE A DONATION!!!! You should too.

From the website: “The Women’s Movement isn’t just about changing laws or challenging customs. It’s about awakening half the human race to full personhood and inspiring the other half to come to the dance. That’s a lot of cultural habit to liberate ourselves from. And we believe the most profound changes are the ones that come to us in personal ways. We want to bring those stories, into the 21st century, to explore the dialogue of today with young women who still face many of the most profound barriers we faced 40 years ago.”

Patti and Joy "What Were They Thinking" fundraiser NYC

Patti and Joy “What Were They Thinking” fundraiser NYC


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