I Love Commas

Someday I wan to write a book. It’s going to be called, I Love Commas. In the “comma” book I’m going to use a LOT of commas, everywhere; anytime I feel like it. Semi-colons too.

I’ve been working on my thesis all week. Very unexpected, and having a great deal to do with a potential adjunct position. Which is awesome. I’d make a great teacher. But, if there is one job that I could never do, no matter what, even if my life depended on it— it is copy editor. (Many thanks to my “team,” Dave Rose and Richard).

This is my room in NYC right now. Very messy. That’s because in between writing every day and night for the last eight days, and promoting the upcoming MOM Conference, I also spent two six-plus hour days in the lobby of the Graduate Center letting people know about CUNYcast. Our first broadcast is this Friday, April 30th from 10-6. We’ll be sharing presentations from the conference, which should be pretty cool.

In addition to all of this I’ve been attending regular classes (of which there are 4), and doing regular homework. My eyes barely work anymore. Fingers too. I’m all typed out. All “proofed” out. Oo-oo, and do you know that I’m living in a day-care for toddlers while I finish school and that toddlers are very cute, but very noisy. That will have to be my second book: “My Life In A Daycare.”




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