Adventures in DH … Ongoing….

Adventures in DH … Ongoing….

I am simultaneously writing my thesis in Mother Studies (as a digital humanities project) and working on the CUNYcast team at the Graduate Center to bring guerrilla radio to the campus.

Oh exciting (and sleepless) times. Ironically, I have just become friends with a former Guerrilla Girl. Did somebody say “activist art?” On a side note, the Guerrilla Girls performed at the Museum of Motherhood which was a real personal high point for me. Feminism and motherhood don’t always intersect. (Read Amber Kinser, Motherhood and Feminism– one of my favorite books). But, WAIT and BUY that during our Barnes & Noble online bookfair May 6-15th. More promos coming.

Guerrilla_GirlsWe launched the Commons Group Live. The commons group is our site for keepin’ peeps up to date on our progress. This group will link to our separate site, where CUNYcast will be hosted. Julia P. is working on graphics & design. James M. is our developer, and I’m management and outreach. We’re not quite there yet with the second site, but hope to have somethin’ somethin’ by April 1st.

cropped-shoutweb1CUNYCast is an online experimental broadcast in the Digital Humanities. The CUNYcast site will model Ds106 Radio. It will also document the process, and create a “how to” manual for future CUNYcasters.  A link from the CUNYCast group page on the Academic Commons will lead people to an external site where content will be streamed. CUNYcast is a live online radio stream that anyone can take over and populate with their own DH audio radio broadcast. Cunycast is a non-archivable broadcast that will be accessible on the web. CUNYCast’s aim is to empower a DH guerrilla broadcast community.

Okay, well that’s it for now. In the meantime “Shout It Out” with CUNYcast. You can write us if you want to create a show here:

Oh, and we have a twitter account too @CUNYcast #DHpraxis14 #CUNYcast

Later Gator!



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