Why I Need The Word “Feminist”

Thank you FORT PROGRESS: Your wrote about why we don’t need a word like “feminist” anymore. You say that true believers make up only 20% of Americans, and that I am implying that I need to “defend” my position by using the word. You’ve asked us not to flood your post with a barrage of hate messages, but as a feminist, I would never do that. My language embraces principles of inclusion. So, thank you for raising an important point. Please read below for my response to your article, stating why I need the word feminist.

The Word ‘Feminist’ Shouldn’t Exist – Here’s Why – [CLICK]modern-feminism1

RESPONSE: I want to linger and express myself perfectly. But, this will have to be brief. Your article did not offend. In fact, we need more conversations like this. But, as a woman I can tell you, how much I “need” a word like feminist. I “need” to know that there is a language that identifies periods in HERstory when great radical strides were made on behalf people who needed progress. It is important for me, and other scholars to have an intellectual party, and a social group in which we can identify, feel safe, and experience the camaraderie of like-minded souls when equality is still such an illusive thing in the world. Lastly, I want my sons (and daughter), to have a heightened awareness regarding policies that are unfair to women and families, and one that encourages them to be vigilant when it comes to violence of any kind, in the home, or otherwise. The word “feminist” brings all this to mind. We have a great many social identities available to us. I wave my flag proudly. If I am part of the 20% then that’s pretty good I guess. Thank you for reminding us to embrace difference of all kinds, especially within the context of respect, appreciation, and collaboration. – MJR


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