Thank You Betsey – You’re So Fierce

Thank you Betsey. As the New York Times headline proclaimed this weekend –indeed, you are still a role model.

I had the great fortune of working with the Betsey Johnson Company in the mid-nineteen-eighties. I started out as a salesgirl in the 72nd street store, and quickly got tagged to help open, and manage her first SoHo store on Thompson Street. The company only had one store in New York at the time. Together Catherine (Upper West Side), Lisa (East 59th), and I (Soho) became the three original store managers. We were like the three musketeers, doing everything together.

Joy Rose, NYC circa Betsey Johnson days

Joy Rose wearing Betsey Johnson (w/ Bill) in NYC circa 1980’s

The New York Times did a lovely life-history of Ms. Johnson for Valentine’s Day. A friend of mine reminded me about that period of my life, which quite frankly seems oddly long ago.

I remember the old showroom in the fashion district, the weekly meetings, and the crew of very hip, very supportive team members. When I went to the office to tell Betsey that after five years of working for her, I wanted to make music full time, she was more than understanding. She told me to “follow my dream” and gave me a sending off party.

We should all be so lucky as to have mentors who encourage us in the direction of our passion and purpose.

I’ll Always Love You Betsey. You’re so fierce. XOXO

Betsey Johnson - NYTimes Article 2015 [CLICK PIC for ARTICLE]

Betsey Johnson – NYTimes Article 2015 [CLICK PIC for ARTICLE]


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