The Many Shades of Green Radio Show

The Many Shades of Green Radio

The Many Shades of Green Radio

The Many Shades of Green delves into topics that affect the environment in Brooklyn and beyond, as we move to raise social awareness via culture, politics, the environment and the arts. By empowering the public with knowledge about sustainability and information on what is happening in their own backyards, we aim to inspire people to take action in “greening” their lives, and contribute to keeping the planet healthy for the Seventh Generation to come.

About the host

Maxine Margo Rubin is an old friend of mine and owner/producer of my former record label BT Puppy Records, responsible for the release of the Housewives On Prozac single “I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping At The Mall”.

Years later, our friendship has endured and Maxine has gone on to follow her passions back to Brooklyn and to the world of radio. Maxine has been involved with the media business as a content producer and part-time co-host for Air America (Marc Sussman’s Money Message), and hosted and produced Village Green on WDFH, a show which focused on topics of environmental sustainability and progressive social issues.

You already know about me, but here’s the lovely blurb from their website. I just listened to the podcast and it rocked!

About me

Director of the Museum of Motherhood and founder of the Moms Who Rock movement, Martha Joy Rose joins the conversation about the interconnection of Motherhood and Mother Nature. We talk about issues of ecofeminism, the need to curb population growth, societal tribulations of women, and much, much more. Moms have the power!!! To get more information on the Mom’s Movement go to &

Listen to the Radio Show.



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