P. Chesler and Me – She Was “A Bride In Kabul”

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of spending time with my dear mentor, great feminist icon and personal friend, Dr. Phyllis Chesler and her family, which included her son Ariel Chesler and extended family. It’s a rare joy to be able to spend an afternoon with a room full of feminists, both male and female, of all ages!

(Martha) Joy Rose and Dr. Phyllis Chesler at the Museum of Motherhood

(Martha) Joy Rose and Dr. Phyllis Chesler at the Museum of Motherhood

We spoke about her latest book “An American Bride in Kabul” which glimpses into her personal past and depicts a Westerner’s rare journey into the Muslim/Afghan world through the lens of love and marriage . It wouldn’t be a P. Chesler book if it didn’t dive into contemporary issues facing women around the world too, and I am eager to add it to the top of my reading list.

It’s important to take the time to reflect and converse about the global issue of human rights so we can collectively take stock, share perspectives and create change. In fact it was a busy week in Saudi Arabia with a few courageous females defying the ban on women driving. A lack of arrests appears to reflect the public’s softening view regarding women behind the wheel, but it’s fascinating to me that these kinds of issues continue to exist in the world today.

Despite our collective gains, gender can still be a defining factor for personal freedom, safety and so much more.

My son sent me this popular video making the rounds on the internet on Sunday. The poem reflects  a daughter’s view of her mother’s shrinking world, post-marriage and children, and we dialogued about its relevance both to his reality, and mine – after I cried of course.


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