Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day - Free Art by Joy RoseFind out more about Equal Pay Day, (SO IMPORTANT) and in the meantime, let’s explore that truly holds value? We know the value of money in a capitalist society. What about the ‘human capitalAlexia Nye Jackson talks about in Mother The Job? When we raise children, we’re investing in people.

What about all the things I do, that I don’t get PAID for, but are so VALUABLE like: my creativity, time, ability to mentor others, ability to create something from nothing, the time I spend consoling babies and counseling the teens who work at the museum, my ability to leverage my human capital every day in ways that create meaningful work for me and better the community around me. Atypical – yes. Worth exploring – yes. I’m a ‘happy’ person. What’s the price of that?

I’m invested in teaching my children, who are all young adults, that its narrow-minded to think of self-worth, only in terms of how much money one makes. While I absolutely recognize and support the importance of equal pay I want to encourage us to revolutionize the way we think of our net worth.


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