I Must Be Free

I must be free                                                                                                                      By Joy Rose 6/7.09

Don’t intimidate, initiate or instigate, even threaten or offend

Do not aggress, undress against my will, demoralize, destabilize, institutionalize, despise what you see

I must be free

Child, man, woman, wheelchair, deformed, freak, blue hair-streak, all kinds of colors images-1

To make the most of myself and others

Speaking my truth which might be different than

Your truth

Can you tolerate?

I must be free so don’t begin to oppress

My speech, when I teach

how every mother

Must be free so that her children, daughters, sons and other ones

Will know that they too must BE

You can’t own me

Or expect a debt for anything

The gift of life must not bleed and hopefully,

Responsibility to all that has been tolerant and good will be mirrored back, but don’t attack because you don’t know me or what God’s agenda might have stacked in favor of


Just never hurt a hair or take out your gun and point at me for any reason ever,

You’re no better and your power is not in metal, bullets, steel, powder, propulsion, propellers and all p-words that extend, even to defend

As you apprehend something weaker, to feel stronger, live in fear of some raw feeling bigger than you might be reeling from in the moment that tastes like terror –

I am solvent. I have faith.

And you who would be violent, government and your agenda are all fake unless they leave us free, so don’t tread on me, don’t ever think you can take what’s not yours

Which is my heart, soul, expression, intention, body, reason and right

You see

I must be free – I am human


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