The Foundation Center & IMOW MAMA Exhibit

Started off the day posting the information for the new IMOW, MAMA Exhibit online. Then headed into the Foundation Center in NYC. Lots of information and took a brief, free course on ‘Writing A Proposal’ for your non-profit.

Got to the museum around 3PM. Interviewed a potential intern from Marymount Manhattan College and she’s IN! Thanks to Mariama for helping to line up Social Worker also to intern and enjoyed meeting up with a new mom who came to the museum looking for friendship and connection. She just moved to NYC from Japan a month ago. Also, reached out to Jill Starishevsky with hopes of catching up on recent M.O.M. advisory board meeting. She stopped by museum, but we just missed each other.

Hats off Sarina! Word on the street is the ‘Eat, Drink, Be Mommy’ party last week rocked and one last tour of the day to one of the mothers featured in the current breast feeding exhibit up in our entry way. Oh, and also spent time with Eva Marie (outa California), talking art exhibits for March featuring her son Dylan and a portrait of Maria Shriver. More on that to come.

I started the day at 6PM. It’s 10:30 now and I’m beat. Appreciate Paul and Jaimie covering for me so I could go visit Blaze (my son) at college over the weekend. Oh – The best part…. we made payroll for that. Yay!


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