New Goals For The New Year

Everyday I spend at the Museum Of Motherhood, sees interesting locals and travelers alike, share their perspectives. Having a space like this to exchange stories and information is truly a wonderful opportunity. So, I’m making a commitment to jot down a few notes, almost like an online journal here, as often as I can.

For example, last week saw visitors from Angola, Africa, and Chicago Illinois. The Angola visitor and I chatted about paid maternity leave in Angola (That’s right – it exists), and the the visitor from Chicago found out about M.O.M. in her Holiday Inn Express Hotel Publication in Brooklyn. Go figure?

Lynn Kuechle (MFI Board Of Directors) was hired by Minnesota State U. to coordinate online courses between M.O.M. and MSU, which is awesome and Sarina Apple, UES Mom and friend of the Museum, organized another Eat, Drink, Be Mommy Margarita Party on Friday.

I took a few days off to travel to St. Petersburg to see my college-age son Blaze, who attends Ekerd College, and brought my 79 year old mother along for the trip. It was awesome.

Hard to get back to work, but I must! Today; update online calendar, and get back to NY safe, to continue another interesting week at M.O.M.


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