Gala at the M.O.M. Museum a Huge Success… and the Power of Prayer

Our opening Gala for the M.O.M. Museum was a huge success. Amazing people, great music with Bianchi Musica Quartet, Zelda (from Australia) and an angel blessing for the space by Amy Robbins Wilson. Speaking of prayer, it’s Sunday. I pray everyday, and sometimes I even pray for the support we need to pay our rent on the museum space each month, but mostly I probably pray because of my experience with extreme illness, and the faith I cultivated during that time – learning to live with the attitude of gratitude.

“Although kidney transplantation is a critical life experience, few studies have examined the spirituality characteristics of kidney transplant recipients. Sutton and Murphy (1989) reported over a decade ago that prayer was the most frequently reported method of coping during the years following renal transplantation. Tix and Frazier (1998) found that religious coping was associated with better posttransplant adjustment for patients and their significant others. These findings indicate that supporting factors that enhance spirituality would foster improved coping with health-related posttransplant adverse events.” More.

About to go to work. We have yoga for kids every Sunday – I love EVERYDAY!


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