Thank You Working Mother For The Shout-Out For Museum Of Motherhood!

It’s true – We have been working toward this successful evolution for almost 10 years!

The dream will become a reality this September when the Museum of Motherhood, or M.O.M., opens a pop-up space on the Upper East Side of New York City—which will includes exhibits, a performance space and teaching facilities. I am a mom to four, and all my work has been about championing mothers. Oh yeah – I am the President and Founder of Mamapalooza, which produces large festivals across the country celebrating moms and was also the guitarist and lead singer of a rock band called Housewives on Prozac. Thanks to NOW-NYC for the Susan B. Anthony Award in 2009.

I spoke with Working Mother about the challenges of getting the museum off of the ground, what visitors can expect from the space and why it’s about time mothers have a museum to call their own. Full Article.


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