Recipies from this week’s MingleMediaTV Show

This week I shared some ‘alternative’ recipes on my MingleMediaTV Show.

Here they are – Healthy, Inspired and Totally Rad:


Pizza Dough (Pre-made from your grocer)

Toss on cutting board in a heap of oatbran.

Pull into a large rectangle shape.

Sprinkle thickly with garlic, broccolli, romano cheese, peperoni – Whatever turns you on, but use a LOT of garlic

Roll long-ways (So it looks like the shape of a rolling pin)

Cut into bite size pieces like you would sugar cookies

Brush with egg white and olive oil on bottom of tinfoil lining pan

Bake at 425 – 450 for 12 minutes


Eat. Yum. I’m tired of writing. Write me if you want the healthy pancakes, how to sprout veggies or sea moss 🙂


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