“CyberFeminists” — A Feminism Online Project

85% of the PR industry is female, however 80% of the top management are men, according to a report, and reports further show the men’s salaries are higher.  Amongst the Fortune 500 companies, women CEOs run only 13 of them, and before 1996  a woman CEO was nonexistent.  The decision-making positions are a key area where women fail to be represented.

Photo Credit: HerAgenda.com

But as a 17 year old girl, attending a NABFEME meeting four years ago, the picture that those numbers paint weren’t on my radar.  I was blind to the reason why an organization called the National Association of Black Female Execs in Music and Entertainment was needed.  I was just excited that there was no age limit and in awe of being in a room full of amazing women who had in my eyes conquered the world.  They were entrepreneurs, and executives at record labels representing clients I’d only dreamed of knowing.  Hearing their stories made their path to success vivid and real.  The intimate feeling of the room made it seem as though they were my big sisters telling me– this is how I did it, and you can do it to — but when you do it make sure you take it to the next level. MORE



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