Congrats To My Good Friend & Mentor, Camille F. Murphy & The Westchester Office For Women

It’s never easy to pass the baton. Fast forward to political and social upheaval in the midst of changing politics, that reflect our new emerging economy and wish my good friends well, for all they’ve managed to accomplish in an environment that’s never been especially generous to women’s programs.

One standout exception to this rule is the small, but mighty, government office that has truly pioneered change in our community for nothing less than thirty-plus years. The woman behind that local movement is my good friend and mentor Camille Murphy.

This Friday The Westchester Women’s Hall of Fame will honor Camille’s achievements with regard to advancing women in our county. while presenting their annual awards for outstanding contributions in: the arts, athletics, business, education, government, human services, humanitarianism / philanthropy and sciences (one each year), as well as 64 deserving female recipients benefiting from scholarship dollars  in areas of study such as telecommunications, life/physical sciences, computer science, health care/nursing, environmental studies, business and finance, mathematics, engineering and more.

Camille F. Murphy

The 2011 Hall Of Fame honoree is Camille Failla Murphy, who has recently left the Office For Women, to pursue other areas of her ongoing philanthropic and activist work.

It’s hard to affect change around us. The challenges inherent in the Women’s Movement (or any movement for that matter) remain, despite progress in so many areas of domestic violence awareness, health awareness, job opportunity and growth. Emerging trends in the Mother’s Movement, face so many obstacles that sometimes even the bravest among us falter. Yet, never doubt Margaret Mead’s words, “that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.”

Camille and the ongoing work of the Office for Women (OFW) deserve all of our respect, gratitude and congratulations, for the job they do everyday, that improve and educate the community around us. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with them and their ongoing volunteer efforts at our local Kensico Dam, Valhalla Mamapalooza event on May 14th. *Camille also sits on the advisory board for the Motherhood Foundation Inc., and it’s work to make the Museum Of Motherhood vital, visible and victorious in its aspirations to study and honor mothers in perpetuity.


For over 30 years, the OFW has worked to ensure equal rights for all women. We support women in difficult circumstances and celebrate their strengths and achievements. We advance the cause of women, support them in their choices and serve their needs.

The OFW promotes equal rights, independence, dignity and equity for Westchester County women and their families through education and research, direct and contracted services, and by influencing public policy. MORE


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