Social Media & Running Your Own Business

According to telecommutemom: “I have run across several articles lately based on this recent research study by The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute. Their study showed that women business owners value social media three times more than their male counterparts. I thought this was very interesting and it made me think that women, in general, like to socialize more than men from my experience and so maybe this also applies to socializing online. What ever the reason for this result in the study, I believe it gives women a huge advantage. MORE.”

While it’s true that all businesses today need some amount of web-presence, the actual value in terms of dollars, cents and sense, can be disputed. Nothing can replace a viable business built on good product and customer service. If you business is a web-based business, then obviously having a huge presence in the social media sector is going to be important. But, I know many, many businesses, that operate with brick and mortar, who’s profits are solid and substantial, who spend their time and energy dealing in real world products and services and don’t engage at all in social media. The fact is, social media is as much of a popularity contest as anything else. The real value of social media is yet to be determined. JR


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