What Is A Mother?

Each day of the year in 2011, MamaBlogger365 is bringing the voices of mothers from around the word together to raise awareness for the Museum Of Motherhood. We’re only a few weeks underway with this project and already it’s prompted some lively discussion!

For example, I was at a meeting this week, and a lawyer in the group asked me to ‘define mother’?

Wow? Well, that started up another round of introspection. Certainly there’s a lot on the internet with the standard fare: A mother is a biological and/or social female parent of an offspring. Because of the complexity and differences of a mothers’ social, cultural, and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to define a mother to suit a universally accepted definition.

Well, yeah – Duh!

So far this is what I have: The physical conduit to life for all mankind. An individual multiplied and then divided.

Rather than go with my limited concepts though, I challenge everyone to jump in with their thoughts. This is gonna be interesting. And fun. As part of our annual M.O.M. Conference in NYC, to be held at Marymount Manhattan College this May 22-25th, Donna Decker and team from Franklin Pierce University will be leading an ‘Identity Forum’ having to do with the Museum; identifying fundable themes and now we can add ‘What is a mother’ to the topics we intend to tackle.

This week on MingleMediaTV we’re going to be reading and sharing some of the MamaBlogger365 entries for this week, and playing music from ‘The Edna Project‘, featuring the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay set to music by Liz Queler & Seth Farber. Also, special music by Daria Marmakluk-Hajioannou for Martin Luther King Day.

Mamapalooza on MingleMedia, each Wed. at 7PM EST, with me, Joy Rose and Lynn Kuechle should be weighing in the (M)other issue too this week.

Please write us at MamazinaMagazine@gmail.comto participate. We ARE looking for more contributors. MamaBlogger365 initiative posted at M.O.M. here.


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