Octavia, Patrice, Women On The Move, Joy Rose and LUPUS Awareness

I played some awesome music at Mamapalooza on MingleMediaTV this week: Octavia, Patrice and Women On The Move, serve up inspiring and enlightening tunes that encourage us to all follow our dreams and stay true to our talents. You can find our music links here at my blog, or at the playlist on the Mamapalooza website. Each of these women write songs that remind each of us to ‘find our voice’.

Living fearlessly and passionately is the most authentic key to success. Every week, Sandra Walston brings us words of encouragement and techniques on how to get ‘UnStuck’ in our personal and professional life.

In the famous words of Eleanor Roosevelt, The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…

One of the great transformers in my life was SLE or LUPUS. Maybe you’ve heard about it on tv commercials or have a friend of family member who’s been diagnosed with this debilitating disease. I was diagnosed sixteen years ago, ten days after the birth of my daughter. It was the great equalizer in my life and also a call to find passion and purpose. Everyday I am grateful for my health, my family and friendships, and the urgency I feel to live as an activist for women.


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