The Thin Line

Across the world the human condition is very much the same. Whether you’re rich or poor, woman or man, Chinese or African, chances are you’ve had your share of joy and hardship.

How do we equate ‘quality’ of life, when we’re measuring rich and poor, educated and under-educated, safe and not-safe? All of this could easily fall under the heading ‘Cultural Relativism’.

It’s true certain conditions are universally preferred, such as life over death, happiness over suffering and food over hunger, but the most any of us can hope for is the kind of attitude that will ease us through the worst of times, when we’re walking that thin line between what is bearable and what isn’t. Tonight’s MingleMediaTV tonight 4PM Pacific, 7PM EST, show will dive into this, ‘Politics As Usual’…. guests Alexis Chapman for Museum Of Motherhood and Sandra Walston, Courage and Inspiration. Join Us!


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