Mingle Media TV Wed Aug 25 Is A Feminist Speak Out!

Join us Wed. Aug 25th at 7PM (EST) 4PM (Pacific) for really good conversation and information. Annette Daniels Taylor in Atlanta, Sandra Walston, The Courage Expert™, Alexis Chapman for Museum of Motherhood and Women’s Health, hosted by Joy Rose with Music, Commentary and Culture with a Feminist Perspective. Share the conversation here.

This week, women want to talk, talk, talk and maybe even get feisty with it!

Watch More of Joy Rose Mamapalooza TV on Play Back here

Read on as I uncover the rad-blogs of the week here:

Protecting Women’s Rights- The MOMocrat Smacks Down An Anti-Woman ‘Feminist’

The shouting matches over who are the “real” feminists seem to be getting louder and louder every day.  The Palin “Mama Grizzlies” are growling at the EMILY’s List “Mama Grizzlies,” Phyllis Schlafly is yelling that Obama is helping single women for democratic votes, and everyone is accusing everyone of “redefining feminism.”

Now a lesser-known voice is throwing her hat into the ring.  Dana Loesch, a Pajama’s Media talk show host, is confident that she and she alone has figured out what is really the essence of feminism.

Liberal advocacy for equality between the sexes is a myth; through second- and third-wave feminism, equality became about lowering the bar and demanding that everyone sink to meet the expectations. Case in point: Title IX, wherein boys’ welfare and achievement was suppressed so that girls could catch and match them.

The Stay At Home Feminist Mom – Betty Fokker (Is this a comment?)

Says: Don’t try to oppress me with your patriarchy – It will not go well for you

“Fuck This Fifties Housewives Bullshit”

Is your va-jay-jay Lysol clean?

Posted on August 2d3, 2010 by Betty Fokker


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