Steal This Itinerary!

Steal This Itinerary!

1) Edinburgh: The Old Waverly – AWESOME VIEWS in the heart of everything
2) Walk to Train Station (1/2 a block from Old Waverly) and pre-book seats on the train to Inverness
3) Inverness, rent car at Thrify and drive to Rose Castle. (Google Rose’s of Kilravock). It’s a authentic stay. NO frills. My family history. (Eat dinner at Cawdor Tavern (Two miles down the road). Cawdor Castle is MacBeth’s homestead of Shakespeare fame.
4) Rent bikes from ‘Ticket To Ride’ (Google them. Lindsay will take care of you. They’ll drop bikes off and there are a couple of really easy rides that go for aprox 8-10 miles right out the gate from Rose Castle: We also explored the Newtonmore Highland Games. It was August and games abound. Check out some local culture. The ride to Newtonmore took us about an hour and 1/2. Lotsa guys in kilts and really weird athletic games.
5) Drive to Sky. The road will take you right around Loch Ness. The Loch Ness tourist information center and tour is fun (Kinda stupid and we kept getting trapped in the German tour and didn’t understand a thing that was going on.. ha, ha) There are some good hikes around here as well. We happened on an excellent, strenuous hike with great views, and if you want to know more, there’s a compass shot on my facebook pics that shows exactly where we were.
6) Stay at a hostel in Kyle Of Lochalsh. Write to You are on the A87 to Kyle of Lochalsh when you come in to Kyle of Lochalsh from the Isle of Skye Take the second road on the left that will take you On to the Plockton road. (Easy to miss but it’s cheap. The views are awesome and the owners are really nice and helpful)
7) We ate at Tingle Creek Restaurant right down the road. The food was overpriced and pretty bland but we were hungry! And… there’s nothing else around.
8) All the roads on Skye are SINGLE LANE. How exciting!
9) Head for…. The first tourist stop you come to is the ‘Information Center’ and it has the BEST homemade, healthy food. DO STOP. Drive by ‘Old Man Of Storr’. Snap a lot of pictures. If your legs are up for a strenuous hike – then go for it. We were too tired after biking and hiking.  On the way to for a hike to Coral Beach. It’s worth a dunk in the cold, cold Atlantic, just to say you DID IT! The hike to the beach is 1.2 miles each way. Good exercise. After your swim you can stop at the ‘oldest bakery’ in Skye for a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake. Amazing!
10) Dinner at 3 Chimneys. You have to make reservations a couple of months in advance. Honestly, I have eaten all over the world at the BEST restaurants and tho our reservation was at 9:45 PM, it was worth every late-night bite. (Warning, it’s about 6 miles from Roskhill House, and it appears as if you’re on a road to nowhere- and you ARE. We easily drove past it and circled down the single lane road towards the sea and oblivion, when I insisted on turning around and heading back to the ‘Folk Museum’. Voila! Three Chimneys is not well marked, but is adjacent the Folk Museum, which is!

This was one of the best, most beautiful, simple, peaceful, wholesome trips I’ve ever taken. It’s not exotic. Not stressful. Just totally one with the Scot in me. Hope you get to experience it someday. xooxox


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