Around The World In 14 Days

Fresh off of travels that have taken me from Chicago – BeBePaluzza Expo, to Scotland with my son Ali and most recently back from the inner woods of Maine, I am freshly back online and playing catch up – it seems with the entire world.

I did my best to collect samples of Scottish newspapers, scouring them for articles that featured women or feminist perspectives – I found a few. I also had a blissfully relaxed time paying attention to nothing other than our carefully researched itinerary.

My son and I wove our way from Edinburgh to the Isle of Sky. We stayed in castles, guest-houses and hostels. We biked, hiked, rode trains and yes – I actually drove on the other side of the road for the first time in my life, a very frightening proposition. My knuckles still hurt from gripping the wheel so hard. We stayed for two days in the Rose Castle. My family came over from Normandy to Scotland in the 1200’s at the invitation of the King and settled in the Inverness area. The Rose’s of Kilravock are still active at the Rose castle where matriarch Katherine Rose still presides. I hope to have pictures for next week.

Then, though this is not Andrew Zimmerman ‘Man vs. food’ we did eat Haggis in abundance. That’s sheep’s intestines stuffed with oats, meat and spices, as well as ‘neets’ and ‘tatties’.

Then a hop, skip and jump across the Atlantic and there I was speeding on a Polaris four wheeler in the back woods of Maine, with my boyfriend. We didn’t see another human being for three full days, swam in pristine lakes (naked and free) and got pretty bored, which was fine with me.

Now I’m back reviewing blogs, Mom-Music CDS cranked, planning more fall travels and attempting to catch up with life.

Today we’ve toured ‘Ravings of a Mad Housewife’, ‘Feminism Almost Killed Me’ and more, as well as Alexis checking in from Columbus Ohio with Women In Herstory and some health news. But, first a little music….


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