Large Corporations – I Don’t Trust ‘Em

Mark my words. The biggest problem we’re going to face in upcoming years is the corporatization of the world. As the BP underwater geyser continues to gush, Obama’s presidency continues to disappoint, politicians appear more and more corrupt and the food industry flounders with genetically modified mystery vegetables, our greatest stance must be one of supporting, encouraging and backing (with our dollars) small, women and family-fun businesses. They are going to be our lifeline to a more authentic, honest and empowered way of life….. Here’s the latest beef:

David Their’s article from AOL — Here’s something to think about as you pour that pure white liquid over your morning cereal: America’s milk supply is in crisis. Dairy farmers across the nation are struggling with prices too low to cover their production costs, raising worries that if action isn’t taken, thousands of them could go out of business.
Among those feeling the pinch are David and Robin Fitch, who milk 150 cows on 400 acres in New York state. They figure they’ve lost more than $100,000 on their operation in the past year alone. And unless Congress sets a milk price floor of $18 per hundredweight (about $1.55 a gallon), they say, they’ll lose the farm that’s been in their family for five generations after this fall. More….


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