Illusions Of A Perfect Life

If there was one single thing, more than any other, that propelled me into the world of mom-owned businesses and the women-empowerment movement, it was probably the need to do business in new and different ways.

One of the primary benchmarks for patriarchy and male-dominated businesses in the USA, it is the illusion of invincibility.

I see the armor appear with my sons as they pretend that nothing bothers them, no matter what the stakes, masking their inner life so no signs of weakness are visible.

While this is understandable when facing survival situations, or primitive circumstances that may affect well-being in the most basic sense, I continue to stress the importance of conscious evolution in the twentieth first century, and how that should affect every aspect of everything we do from business to our personal lives.

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Conscious Evolution demands that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and cultivate new ways of being and doing business.

The age of the invincible big business must shift of we are doomed to go in the direction of Hollywood’s most negative projections of life on planet earth in the not too distant future.

Projecting illusions of invincibility are not based in reality, but are based in a way of thinking that need increasingly fall by the wayside. When companies and individuals project a veneer that shows no humanity, no cracks, no willingness to learn, grow or bend, then we find ourselves propelled right back into a situation where perfection and dominance rule, rather than subtleness, honestly and a willingness to let morals dictate values, rather than greed and monstrous illusions of indomitableness.

While this may seem dramatic, I’ve increasingly come across women who start their businesses, and then proceed to do biz like a ‘man’. Be a ‘man’ about it.  Only problem is, we’re not improving on difficult situations but perpetuating them.

I am passionate about finding new and different ways to live our lives, be women in business and create kinder, softer ways of being more compassionate and real in the world, which at the end of the day, our actions and creations become the mirror of our inner intentions.

Hence, we begin to ask ourselves the question: do I begin each endeavor to create a better, kinder, gentler planet, or am I trying to compete with outmoded stereotypes of success that pit one individual and corporation against the other for the sake of appearing, for the short term, I might add, more successful, more competent, more fabulous, more rich more dominant and ‘better’ than the next ‘guy’. Wow. I hope not.


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